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Upward Movement Upward Movement

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Your using FL Studios I can tell. The little opener before the song even starts is from that :P

aryst0krat responds:

Do you mean the synth? That is Orionstring or whatever, yeah. This song is actually pretty old, hence it using a premade synth.

Follow Me [Alt One Four] Follow Me [Alt One Four]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Greatest trance I've heard on Newgrounds.

I've heard a lot of other trances here on Newgrounds, and at first MR RAVER was the best, but this is just 20x better. The synth is probably the best part.

Few questions what program did you use? And how did you get the synth?

aryst0krat responds:

Thanks for the high praise! I am very glad you liked the song :)

The program used was FL Studio 8, as you seem to have noticed elsewhere. Many people seem to think this is a bad thing, but we're moving away from a lot of the presets and such so it's getting harder to tell :P

As for the synths, I actually do not know what was used. I had no part in making this particular song; it was all my bandmate. I can ask him if you'd like.

Bandmate here: It is a 3xosc, 1st oscillation on sawtooth, other 2 oscillations muted, with a high speed LFO (I'm aware of the contradiction in saying that) as well as a phaser.